Enabling businesses to improve their workflow 10x better and saves extra time

and effort by making informed financial decisions more quickly and efficiently.

Worldwide Access

Experience unparalleled access and flexibility. Take control of your inventory

from anywhere in the world with our global inventory management software.

Cost Effective

The software proves to be an ultimate cost effective solution in many ways

but mostly it stands out for its reduced labour costs, by maintaining the right amount of stock levels, by improving ordering and shipping efficiencies and much more.


Hi From inventory tracking and order management to automated reporting and analytics,

our software takes care of your business in every aspect, leaving you free to focus on leveraging your growth potential.


Our software offers every detail of your inventory management process,

but our expert can customize some features on your special demand.

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Who We Are

The #1 fast online accounting and inventory management software in Pakistan, designed specifically to simplify business operations, increase accuracy, and reduce costs for businesses of all sizes. Featuring all the top-notch integrated modules approach like tax management, user management, reporting system, bank reconciliation.

Our aim is simple - yet powerful, and that is to provide an all-in-one user friendly accounting software to accelerate your day-to-day bookkeeping task performance.We offer a commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation to exceed your expectations and empower small and medium sized businesses with Ledgerwise .

With over a decade of experience, our team of professionals includes software engineers, financial experts, software developers and business consultants having an expert IT and finance background who provide fast accounting software solutions.

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Product Features

Increased Sales

Sell anything from anywhere leveraging our built-in online sales and distribution feature. Manage the sales tax invoices by integrating single point of sale (POS) systems with FBR on demand which manages return invoices and payment collection.

Better Purchasing Options

Allow our accounting software to handle all aspects from creating and tracking purchase orders to generating purchase tax invoice with return and payment collection. The features typically manage vendor data payments as well.

Fast Accounting

It is fast, easy to use and requires no accounting expertise. With ledger wise, you can easily manage your business finances like never before.

Real-time Inventory management:

Get to experience premium inventory management software features perfect for small businesses. Keep track of automatic reordering, last purchase price, manual costing and stock management using multiple costing methods such as fifo, lifo and weighted average


Integrating accounting softwares with e-commerce platforms lets businesses track raw material and productions also manage production & assembly with their financial performance more accurately.

Up-to-date Setup

You can now manage one time listings like customers, employees, and products using our robust platform that is packed with a comprehensive set of advanced features that provide better functionality and flexibility for businesses of all sizes.


Leverage the power of our cloud-based accounting software to generate 40+ custom reports including FBR reports, enabling you to manage different sales reports and purchase reports, all at once

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Discover Why Our Clients Can't Stop Raving About Us: Their Words Speak Volumes!
  • I was amazed by the professional pos invoicing system. In just a few clicks, you can set up customer profiles and inventories—but one of my favourite features is that everything feeds into the same platform so once you're in there, all your accounts are organized

    Delila Rayam

  • We have encountered difficulties in the past with inventory management but Ledger Wise is a great tool that meets all of our needs. It has become almost effortless for us—if you are thinking about automating your customer order book, this is definitely something worth considering!

    Terrilyn Werme

  • Ledger Wise has been crucial to our retail business, allowing us to properly manage cash flow and keep accurate records. Technical support is also top-notch, and available 24/7.

    Kyle Demayo

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Business Ready Solutions

Textile Chemicals


Mobile Oil

Food Industries

General Store


Textile Industries

Garments & Hosiery



Powder Coating





Auto Parts


PVC Pipe &

Irion Pipe

Printing Press

Auto Parts


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